3 Ridiculously Untapped and Cheap Traffic Sources to Get 20-50 Leads Daily for Your Business


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SO you want Traffic.

Did you know that getting traffic is EASY?!

Really it is!

BUT ONLY… if you truly understand the fundamentals of profitable online advertising.


Before you jump in to driving traffic and trying to generate leads I strongly recommend you start first with my complimentary 5 Steps to 6 Figures Formula which outlines the fundamental 5 steps you MUST have, if you want to see any results with your online marketing.

If you don’t have ALL 5 steps in place in your business, no amount of traffic will help you make sales and money.

Ok… you’ve been warned… so let’s move on.


Before I reveal to you the 3 virtually untapped and cheap traffic sources, I want to be completely transparent and let you know exactly what traffic sources I personally use to generate up to 100 leads per day.

These are my top 2 traffic sources and the sources I typically recommend to my students and team members.

My #1 Traffic Source:

You’ve probably already heard of the MASSIVE opportunity on Facebook to post ads and get instant traffic and leads.

If you aren’t using Facebook yet or are struggling to get it to work for you, I’m going to be leading a Facebook Advertising Workshop as a free bonus to my 5 week Online Guru Formula Intensive which is starting very soon.


You’ll also want to check out the BONUS strategy I share at the end of this page if you need to improve your conversions into more sales.

My #2 Traffic Source:

In addition to Facebook Advertising which is my favorite, I do also spend quite a bit of advertising budget on purchasing Solo Ads each month.

If you are interested in Solo Ads you might want to download my Solo Ads Vendor Rolodex.

Solo Ads are absolutely one of the most effective ways to grow your list quickly.

However, most marketers never make any money with Solo Ads. The reason is because they have not applied all 5 Steps of the 6 Figure Formula in their marketing. ( I’m getting repetitive aren’t I? )

But we’re not going to focus on my top 2 traffic sources in this training.

Today we’re going to talk about…

3 Virtually Untapped and Cheap Traffic Sources You Probably are Not Using

… and One Ridiculously Simply Strategy to Drastically Multiply Your Conversions and Sales!

Let’s get right in to it.



Cost: Free
Difficulty: Easy

Ok first of all disclaimer: this is NOT a strategy I personally use. As you know I focus on paid traffic strategies. I really don’t enjoy playing around on social media, sharing updates, pictures and videos. It’s just not my thing and takes too much time.

BUT… if you are on a serious budget or you enjoy social media… than InstaGram is the strategy for YOU!

My good friend April Marie Tucker generates 21+ red hot leads per day posting photos to InstaGram for FREE!

I honestly think this has got to be one of THE most effective FREE lead generating strategies I have ever seen.

You can actually watch the recording of her recent webinar where she lays out her entire formula.

There are tons of new marketers absolutely crushing it with InstaGram and NOW is the time to get on it!!

Again, if you are on a very small budget or if you enjoy social media this could be a super lucrative strategy for you.

Now of course you still need to have a proper business foundation created so if you haven’t yet studied my 5 Step Formula to 6 Figures I strongly recommend you at least start there. (I promise that’s the last time, but its seriously important and I find most marketers are NOT applying all 5 steps and are struggling needlessly.)

You will also need to have some great offers to promote to monetize the leads you generate.

You should consider joining our team of 6 and 7 figure marketers and plug in to the multiple income stream authority site, training and business we’ve created for you to leverage as your very own. You’ll have the opportunity to promote several high converting offers and thousands of dollars in bonuses to your prospects. It really is the best value on the internet today and will help you convert a LOT more of your leads into sales.


Cost: Low to Medium Cost
Difficulty: Intermediate

This is a strategy that I have just recently started to really dig in to. It’s a paid marketing strategy that can greatly multiply any other marketing strategy you are using, especially if you’re already using Facebook. But its also a fantastic stand alone strategy especially if you are just getting started with PPC advertising.

In recent months Twitter has really made some fantastic developments to its advertising platform and gives marketers an incredible opportunity to tap into a relatively untapped traffic source. Very few marketers are using Twitter right now so its a perfect time to get started with Twitter PPC.

My good friend and traffic mentor Vince Reed, shares some of the ways he uses Twitter in his marketing.

You can watch his video here to understand how you can take advantage of this untapped strategy.

TRAFFIC STRATEGY #3:  RePurpose Your Content

Cost: Mostly Free / Relatively Low Cost
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Ok this is seriously an UNTAPPED strategy. I see very very few marketers actually take the time to do this. And that is ALL it takes. A bit of extra time. But the rewards can be huge if you create a repeatable and consistent process.

If you’ve studied my 5 Steps Formula to 6 Figures than you already understand that creating content is a CRITICAL element of your follow up, engagement and conversion strategy.

So you should already be creating content in the form of articles, videos or audios. That’s a given.

But, are you maximizing the reach and potential revenue of every piece of content you create?

Probably not.

Here’s what you can do.

Let’s say you record a short 3-5 minute video on a particular topic. Of course you are focused on actually solving a relevant and pressing problem that your market is dealing with, right?

Of course you are going to post that video on your YouTube account and embed it on your blog.

But don’t stop there!

Why not repurpose your content to dramatically increase your reach by turning it into different forms you can use on a wide range of mediums.

You can even outsource this entire process and really leverage your time.

11 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Start with a solid piece of content full of excellent information that address a primary challenge or problem that your target market needs solved.

We’ll use the example of a quality post. Like this one.

It starts out as just a great article posted on your blog.

Now let’s take some massive action and put this article to work for us.

1. Social Media

Obviously you’re going to share your great article or video on social media. But don’t stop with just one share! Repurpose your content by pulling out small snippets,  quotes, statements and turn them into lots of social media posts you can schedule over a long period of time to increase your actual reach. Post on your major social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, InstaGram and Pinterest.

2. Create a Presentation

You can keep it really simple. Obviously make it look clean and professional. This is your brand and reputation on the line. And it’s going to be seen by lots of people. That’s what you want right? Upload your powerpoint to www.slideshare.net

3. Create a Video

Now screen record the powerpoint presentation as you read the article into a microphone. I use a screen capture video recording software like Camtasia, ScreenFlow or Jing. Now you’ve got a video. Upload your video to YouTube.com. You can also upload it to other video sharing sites but honestly YouTube will get you 90% of your traffic so I wouldn’t make that a priority.

4. Create an Audio

Convert your video into an .mp3 file. I use iSkySoft Video Converter. There’s ways to convert it free online if your software can’t export as an .mp3. Upload your .mp3 to SoundCloud.com

5. Create a Podcast

A bit more involved, but well worth it would be turn these audios into a podcast. There are certain things you need to invest some time creating, like a proper intro and a Podcast cover image. But if you invest the time to create a podcast it can generate A LOT of traffic and high quality prospects for your business. You can learn more about Podcasting in this article. I recommend using a podcast hosting service like LibSyn and create accounts and upload your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, BluBrry, & Miro.

6. Create an info graphic.

You can hire a designer (check out Fiverr.com) and turn information from your post into an InfoGraphic. Post it on your blog as another post. Then post it to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other high traffic social media sites.

7. Post on Quora.com

Quora is a popular social answer site. You can post as a reply to a question or as a post to your Quora blog.

8. Create New Articles

Create more articles from your original. For instance, if you wrote a post on the 7 elements of an effective blog post, you could now create 7 new articles expanding on each one of the 7 elements. You can also do this the other way, and instead take several related articles and collect them into a single summary post.

9. Start a Discussion

Turn your valuable content into a discussion in popular groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or on a popular forum. Post the URL to your original content in the post as a reference.

10. Create a Lead Magnet

If its a highly valuable and comprehensive article or video that solves a major problem for your market you can consider turning it into a lead magnet.

11. Create an Email for Follow Up

Add it to your email follow up auto-responder especially if your promote any of your income streams within the content of the article. If its one of your more valuable pieces of content you want to ensure that ALL of your newest email leads have the opportunity to see it.

12.  Publish an eBook

Finally, you can compile several valuable pieces of content into an awesome ebook and publish it using services like PapyrusEditor which actually converts your blog posts into an eBook using your RSS feed. PressBooks makes it easy to create all of the different files you will need to publish your ebook to Amazon’s CreateSpace, .MOBI for Kindle and .EPUB for Apple’s iBooks.

BONUS Promotion Tips:

Expand the reach of your content with these simple promotional tips.

1. Use Snip.ly to expand your reach by piggy backing off the social sharing of content more popular than yours.

Find trending and popular content by doing a search using Buzzsumo using keywords related to your content. Search the most popular and highest shared content in the last month. Copy the URL of the content and paste it into a new “Snip” in your Snip.ly account. Write an attention grabbing headline and post a link to YOUR content. Now share your Snip.ly link (sharing the popular trending content) through your social networks with your promotion piggy backing off its authority. Be sure when you are sharing snipped content to mention the source of that content with a relevant hashtag in your post.

2. Create an image or graphic to share on social media. You can just use a relevant image or add the title, a quote or a short snippet onto the image. Post the image with a short update and link to the original blog post.

3. Link to your content from other articles or popular or highly valuable pieces of content on your blog or related high traffic videos on your youtube that get a lot of traffic.

4. Check out StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. It’s not a free strategy but it can be a great add-on to boosting some traffic for a small investment. It’s like Cost Per Click so you only pay for actual visits to your site.

BONUS STRATEGY #4: Re-Targeting !

Ok so re-targeting isn’t going to get you NEW visitors to your website… BUT… it will help you to dramatically increase the RETURN on your marketing investment (whether that’s your time or money!)

There are MANY ways to use re-targeting and I’m not going to try and provide a complete training in this article, but I do want to cover the basics.

If you are getting any amount of visitors to your website, Facebook page, blog or content you should be at the very least building a re-targeting list!

How to Start with Retargeting

We’ll be doing more advanced training on re-targeting with our team and in the future so make sure you are at least subscribed to my email list if you are not on my team.

For the purpose of this training let’s focus on the basics and what I see to be the simplest way to start with re-targeting.

If you have a website and you are getting at least some visitors to your website, you should be at the very least taking advantage of retargeting by building a custom audience of all of your website visitors.

In the past, marketers were limited to the optin.

If I had a visitor come to my website, my focus has always been to try to get the optin. So we use popups, slider bars, optin forms anything we can to get our visitors to give us their email. Because if they don’t they will most likely disappear into the void of the internet never to be seen again.

Not any more.

With retargeting I can place a small line of code on my website, and I can capture the data of that visitor and then advertise directly to that visitor again with more relevant content and promotions on Facebook.

For every visitor that comes to your website you are now able to capture their data and put them into a “custom audience” that you can reach out to and touch again with your marketing.

Because they already have a previous interaction with your brand and website, they are much more likely to engage with your future promotions and the conversion rates, sales and ROI can be incredible!

So how do we do it?

There are several different advertising platforms we can use for re-targeting, but we are going to start with Facebook. It’s the easiest, you already have an account, and it has the largest audience.

I’ve recorded a short video tutorial to walk you through the basics.


As you can see there are countless ways to increase the amount of traffic to your website. And its not rocket science. It’s all based on the 5 Key Steps to building a solid, profitable online business in any niche.

Build the foundation of your business first with the 5 steps. Create engaging and valuable content.

Then have fun getting traffic with these awesome strategies!

I’d love to hear your feedback, comments and questions. And if you have other resources you use let us know!


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    Great tips and organized in a way to put a plan together. Thanks.

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    I’ve been following your content and took your 5 step to 6 figures, it’s great information you can’t miss, highly recommended if you seriously want to make Internet Marketing your main income stream.

    • norbertorlewicz

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      Awesome Allan! Glad to hear you got a lot out of the training. I’ll be delivering a lot more awesome training in the new year… stay tuned and keep coming back for more!

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