5 Instant List Building Hacks to Build Your Audience Fast


List Building is the single most important asset in your online marketing business.

Yet, most online marketers struggle to grow their email list.

In a recent survey I did, I discovered that over 90% of our audience (of internet marketers) had an email list smaller than 1000 emails!

No wonder most online entrepreneurs struggle!

If you are struggling to build your email list, then list building is the ONLY thing you should be focusing on.

In this article I’ll share with you my 5 list building hacks to grow your list… fast.

At the end, I will share with you several ACTION STEPS you can take right now to start creating results… faster!

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STEP #1: Lead Generation Funnel

The first step is having a strong, high converting lead generating funnel.

A lead generation funnel consists of 3 main elements:

  1. A lead magnet – something of value you offer in exchange for the visitor’s email address
  2. A lead capture page – a webpage that promotes the offer and has a form for the visitor to submit their email address
  3. A primary offer – a front-end, usually low-cost product or service to offer your new lead right away that is closely related to the lead magnet offer

If you don’t currently have a lead generation funnel you can look at leveraging pre-made funnels from systems like MLSP and our OnlineProfitTeam.

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Do you have a lead generation funnel that is currently generating you leads?
If the answer is no, then take one of the actions above right now.


STEP #2: The Self-Liquidating Offer

In step 1 I mentioned the “Primary Offer”. While building our email list we must focus on building our customer base as well. Generating leads and acquiring new customers go hand in hand.

A successful funnel is designed to turn as many visitors into leads and as many leads into customers… quickly.

The Primary Offer is the first paid product or service that is offered to the new leads. It is usually a low-cost, high value offer and priced between $7 – $49.

The Primary Offer also makes up the Self-Liquidating Offer.

A self-liquidating offer simply refers to an offer (or series of offers) that generate enough revenue on the front end to cover the costs of advertising.

Sometimes, if the offer converts really well, you can get away with just having one primary offer to cover your advertising costs. But typically, it will take 1-3 offers in a well designed sales funnel to recoup 100% of your costs.

Having your own self-liquidating offer is the golden ticket to unlimited profits online.

When you can cover the costs of your advertising, you are now able to drive an unlimited amount of traffic and really scale your business on demand.

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Do you have a strong converting self-liquidating offer?
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STEP #3: Monetization Strategy

“There are no traffic problems… only offer problems.” – Ryan Deiss

sales-graphsWhen you truly understand the meaning of that simple statement, then you will finally discover how simple getting traffic and building your list really is.

The key is all about focusing on your sales strategy and your offers.

Successful list building is about you being able to drive sales and bring in as much revenue as possible as quickly as you can.

Money loves speed.

So have a plan before you start driving traffic, on exactly how you will monetize your traffic and leads.

There are only 3 ways to increase sales and revenue.

  1. Increase the amount of new customers – This is the most difficult and most expensive way to increase revenue, yet this is where most struggling marketers focus their efforts.
  2. Increase the number of transactions per customer – We all know that selling to an existing customer is much easier, and far less expensive than trying to acquire new customers. So be sure you are offering a variety of relevant, high value products and services to your list. Monthly subscription products are an ideal strategy to increasing the number of transactions.
  3. Increase the value of transactions – Offering higher priced, higher value products and services with larger profit margins is by far the easiest and most effective strategy to quickly increasing revenue and return on investment.


Do you have a plan to effectively monetize your leads with a variety of offers, that include subscription type offers and increase in value from $7 all the way to thousands of dollars?

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STEP #4: Follow Up

By far this is the most significant area of weakness for all struggling marketers.

This is also the “Big Secret” of all the top marketers online.

social-facesIn a recent marketing study it was found that the average consumer, consumes 11.4 pieces of content BEFORE deciding to make a purchase!

What does that tell you?

Consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated.

As a marketer you MUST communicate with your customer over a period of time, sometimes months before they finally choose to buy from you.

If you want to build your list fast you MUST focus on having a solid follow up plan in place.

Follow up is much more than just a series of 7-10 follow up emails in your autoresponder.

You will want to leverage an email sequence, regular email broadcasts, valuable content, promotional content and remarking strategies to create s truly profitable follow up campaign.


On a scale of 1-10 how effective is your current follow up strategy? Do you send regular email broadcasts each week to your audience with valuable content and regular offers? Are you creating engagement with your list? Are you leveraging the power of remarketing?

If you rated your follow up strategy lower than a 8, I recommend you start with my Step-by-Step Blueprint here.

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STEP #5: Paid Traffic

“Getting traffic is the easiest part of your online marketing business.” – Norbert Orlewicz

It’s true.

And if you don’t think so yet, it’s simply because you are focusing on the wrong things.

If you focus first on building a high converting lead generation funnel, with a self-liquidating offer and a strong follow up strategy with an effective monetization plan then you will finally have a real vehicle to build your list and business with.

Once you have your vehicle built then all you need to do is add fuel.

That fuel is traffic.

And by far the best and quickest way to get traffic is to simply pay for it.

It’s your choice.

You can continue struggling to add a mere 10 or 20 leads per day to your email list, earning tiny commissions while putting in long hours of tedious work.

Or you can decide to skyrocket your business and start adding hundreds and eventually thousands each week. All on Auto-pilot.

If you would rather build your list faster and be earning more profit sooner than I recommend you leverage some of the resources, support and training I offer.


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I hope this article has helped you to see what you should be focusing on. I would love to hear from you. Share with us your take aways from this article, your success stories or your biggest challenges. And if you enjoyed the article share it with your friends.

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  • Samuel Nichelson

    Reply Reply August 21, 2015

    This is exactly what it takes to succeed online. I really wish I knew this stuff when I first got started. The paid traffic is where I think many marketers go wrong. Free traffic is okay when getting started but with a budget you can save a lot of time.

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