Bali Mastermind Takeaways and Lessons

I am just wrapping up a nearly 3 week adventure in Malaysia and Indonesia.

I was asked to lead an exclusive 10 Day Private Marketing Mastermind Retreat in a super luxurious 5-star resort in beautiful Bali, Indonesia for a small group of high level clients who each paid $30,000 to be there.

It’s the kind of opportunity that you just can’t turn down.


The retreat was absolutely incredible and life changing for all of the attendees.

But as the lead trainer of the retreat I believe I learned even more than my attendees.

Working so closely and so intensely with these high level clients gave me an incredible clarity and insight into what you as a marketer truly need to succeed… and how I can specifically help you to create a breakthrough in your business and create RESULTS!

I’ve recorded a short video to share with you the lessons I learned, the clarity I gained and what I am committing to do over the next few months to help you create the success you desire.

If you would like to learn how to simplify your online business by focusing on the most important elements and activities… AND…

Have a clear, specific and actionable business and marketing plan to create results…

Then get signed up for my exclusive Online Guru Formula training right here.

I would love to hear from you, so be sure to leave a comment, question or let me know your biggest challenges in your online business right now.

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