What’s the Best, Easiest & Quickest Source of Traffic to Build My Email List Fast


One of the questions I get asked the most is:

“Norbert, what’s the best marketing strategy you recommend?”

That’s a great question, because of course, traffic and leads are the life blood of your business.

If you aren’t generating at least 20 or more quality leads for your business every day… then pay very close attention to this article.

There are 3 marketing or traffic generation strategies that I recommend every time.

But each of these 3 strategies are VERY different with their own pros and cons.

IF you, like most marketers, want the quickest, easiest and most affordable source of traffic to quickly build your email list then there is only ONE place to start…

Email Solo Ads.

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Top internet marketers have been building massive email lists using Solo Ads for over a decade.

  • It’s a lot less complicated than Facebook Ads, without ANY of the restrictions.
  • It’s instant, unlike SEO and blogging which can take months to see results.
  • And it’s a lot less work than video marketing.

If you want to build your email list and your online business fast, email solo ads is where you should start.

But be warned…

Solo Ads Can Be a Huge Waste of Your Money

If you don’t know what you are doing, you WILL loose money.

So let me give you a few key points and resources to help you actually create PROFITS with your Solo Ads.

1. You must have a long term vision and strategy.

I purchase solo ads to build my list… not to make money.

I know that might sound strange but pay close attention because this is CRITICAL.

I don’t focus on whether or not a made a profit from a solo ad purchase. It’s awesome when I do, BUT it isn’t my focus.

I understand that the PROFITS are created in the follow up.

I focus on generating quality leads and then focus on engaging them. This is a topic I will address in much more detail in my exclusive Conversion & Profit Maximizing Webinar you can get here.

I don’t purchase 1 or 2 solo ads and hope I make back a quick profit.

I have a marketing budget I spend every month on solo ads. And I plan to purchase solo ads each and every month for the life of my business. 

Any profits I make I re-invest into my marketing budget to grow that budget for the next month.

I focus on my long term list building strategy and then work to create engagement with my email list.

The PROFITS come down the road from the relationship I have built with my email audience.

2. You must have a hot, high converting, low cost immediate offer.

Even though my focus is NOT to make a profit, I do want to cover my ad spend.

The best way to do that is to make an immediate offer to your new email leads.

This offer must be highly relevant to the market, must be congruent with your opt-in page and message and should be a hot, in demand, high converting and low cost offer.

When you get the right offer you can very easily cover much if not all of your ad spend and virtually generate leads and build your email list for FREE!

It’s even easier when you can get Huge Discounts on your traffic like the ones you will get here.


3. You must have an engaging follow up strategy.

Your follow up content must be valuable to your leads. It should be some of your best stuff.

Your follow up content is used to develop your relationship with your new leads, to build trust and to establish authority.

It’s about creating engagement so your leads actually want to open their emails.

Your follow up is the “make or break” aspect in your business and unfortunately this is where most marketer’s businesses are broken.

I will be covering follow up and engagement in great detail in my upcoming Conversion & Profit Maximizing Webinar you can get access to for free right here.


4. You must find quality vendors who provide quality traffic

Unfortunately with the popularity of solo ads there has been a huge increase in the number of low quality vendors and outright scammers. If you don’t know who to buy from you could be buying absolutely worthless clicks that will have you bleeding all your hard earned cash away.

This is the main reason why I recommend you have a look at the Vendor Directory that has been created for you inside Traffic Monopoly.

Not only will you find ONLY quality and reliable sources BUT you will also get the traffic at special discounted rates!


5. You must track everything

Do NOT spend a dime on solo ads unless you are going to track it!

The best tracking software I’ve found that I recommend is ClickMagick.

They provide you with all the necessary features you need, plus several unique conversion boosting features and even a quality checker to protect you from getting scammed.
Whether you’ve never tried Solo Ads or have tried it before and lost money, if you want to build your email list fast, Solo Ads are the best way to do it.

The key is to make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

This is why I’m going to be offering several exclusive bonuses to help you convert all the traffic and leads you will be generating into sales and profits in your business.

Check out the Huge Discounts and my Exclusive Bonuses when you purchase Traffic Monopoly through this link and start getting instant traffic and leads for your business.

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