My Top 5 Traffic Resources

Getting traffic is easy!

If you don’t agree with me yet, it’s because you are focused on the WRONG things.

My BIG GOAL is to help you see how EASY getting traffic can be.

BUT… I have to SHIFT your thinking… big time!

If you’ve been wasting your time (and money) and so-called “free” traffic strategies I’m going to assume that so far you are NOT very happy with your results.

Am I right?

Look, video marketing, blogging, social media and SEO can work. But it takes a LOT of hard work, months and months of your time and some pretty serious technical skills.

I prefer the easy route… Paid Traffic!

And I use videos and blogging to CONVERT all the traffic and leads I get into SALES.

(**TIP: Read that again, because that is a HUGE gold nugget right there!)

Now before you give me your “But I don’t have enough money to spend on Traffic” excuse… let me say this:

If you are “spending” money on traffic you are doing it wrong.

Every dollar I “invest” in paid traffic, ALWAYS pays me AT LEAST one dollar back and eventually I will always make a very nice profit.

HOW you ask?

Great question.

I answer that in my Online Guru Formula training course.

At the very least be sure to watch my 5 Online Guru Conversion Hacks to make sure you actually convert all the traffic you’ll be getting into SALES!!

Once you understand The Formula to convert leads into sales and create profits (used by ALL of the leaders and “gurus” online) then you can start to make money the way the professional marketers do.

Below you will find several of my top Traffic Resources. 

The first 3 are the simplest resources I can offer you and usually where I start all of my students and partners simply because they are the simplest to get going and the most cost effective.



I recommend and personally use ILS because they have supplied high quality traffic to many of the highest paid marketers online for nearly a decade! Their track record of quality traffic is excellent. BUT… with ILS they’ve added a new twist. With ILS you can actually get your traffic PAID FOR!

Imagine being able to get thousands of targeted high quality visitors to your website (that typically cost over $1 per click) and get it all for free every month! That is what’s possible inside of ILS. Get Started with ILS now.

BONUS: When you join ILS using my referral link and purchase any of the traffic packages I will share with you my exact sales funnel that I am using to build my list and make ILS commissions on autopilot!  (*You will need a ClickFunnels account $37/month to receive and use my custom sales funnel)



This is a traffic source I am just beginning to use, but initial tests are looking very promising. One of my good friends and marketing mentors swears by this strategy. It’s a one time cost and the potential quality traffic you can be generating is UNLIMITED!

Get TrafficFusion here now.



This is a tried and true traffic getting strategy that top marketers have been using for over a decade because IT WORKS! It’s also one of the easier strategies to execute since it doesn’t take a lot of technical skill.

WARNING: There are scammy solo ad sellers that WILL sell you worthless traffic. If you do not know where to buy, what to ask, and exactly how to set up your funnel to maximize engagement and conversions you WILL LOOSE MONEY.

If you haven’t been able to make Solo Ads work or you’ve never done them before then I recommend you get my Instant Solo Ad Traffic course right here. It’s only $27 bucks and it will save you hundreds or even thousands of wasted dollars. (coming soon…)


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are incredible powerful and my absolute favorite paid traffic strategy. However… a lot has changed and continues to change with Facebook which is making it increasingly more difficult for new marketers in our industry (affiliate marketing, online business etc.) to make it work.

Most marketers that attempt marketing on Facebook now are getting their ads disapproved and accounts suspended.

You really have to understand the rules of what Facebook allows in their ad platform and you must approach your ad strategy with the correct intentions.

I strongly recommend you invest in your marketing education and learn from the best here.


product-tma1Traffic Masters Academy

There is no better value for your money when it comes to Traffic Getting Training then The Traffic Masters Academy.

This is a complete and comprehensive masters course on the most effective traffic getting strategies today from some of the highest paid marketers online. This course should sell for $1997… but it doesn’t! It’s an absolute STEAL!

Inside the course you will learn:

  • Traffic Fundamentals
  • PPC Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Solo Ad Marketing
  • Banner Ad Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Direct Mail
  • PayPerView Marketing

Get Traffic Masters Academy here.



MyInternetTrafficSystem is a training community lead by my friend and marketing mentor Vince Reed. In my opinion, Vince is one of the best paid traffic experts in our industry and has mastered several different paid traffic platforms. If you want to learn endless ways to get more leads for your online business I highly recommend you join and learn from one of the best in the industry.

You can get started for just $19.97 by purchasing the Marketing Mastery Kit right here.


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