[CASE STUDY] How to Get HUGE $14.73 Earnings Per Click for Your Affiliate Offers


If you’ve been a student of internet marketing or have been following some of my recent trainings then you should already know that one of the most important numbers in online marketing is your Earnings Per Click (or EPC).

The other, even more important number is ACV (Average Customer Value), which I’ll cover in the next tutorial.

But for now lets deal with EPC.

The higher your EPC, the more you will earn AND the more you can spend per click.


In this Case Study Tutorial Video I show you the EXACT Steps I took to Get $14.73 EPC and Earn $6644.60 in Commissions from Just 186 Unique Visitors to My Offer

If You Are Struggling with Conversions and Sales in Your Online Business

In this Video You Will Learn:

at  3:05 I share my big discovery about why MOST marketers struggle to create sales and profits in their business

at 7:24 I share the exact 7 step strategy I use to get high conversions on my offers without a lot of traffic

at 7:32 I reveal the #1 MOST important factor that determines the success of your marketing (*hint: it has nothing to do with traffic, sales funnels, or any secret techniques)

at 9:01 I share exactly what you need to build trust, credibility and create engagement with your audience

at 9:37 I share the specific content I created for my marketing and how I leverage it to create trust, establish credibility AND build my email list

at 12:23 I show you the exact ad campaigns I ran on Facebook to generate, traffic, leads and sales

at 13:17 I reveal where I send my Facebook traffic – *hint: it’s NOT to a lead capture page!

at 14:36 I reveal what you really need to be “selling”*Hint: it’s NOT your offer!

at 16:23 I share the advanced strategy that virtually guarantees you improve your conversions to ANY offer!

Some of the biggest complaints I hear from a lot of marketers is “My ads aren’t converting“.

I just spent $500 on a solo ad. I got 634 clicks, 274 optins but NO SALES! Why aren’t my leads converting?!

How many sales should I expect? I now have 320 leads from Facebook but still NO SALES! Why aren’t these leads converting?!

Now typically we should be able to expect about a 1-3% sales conversion to leads. But if you are sending completely cold traffic the rate will usually be below 1%.

So how is it possible for me to have made a total of 40 sales with just 451 raw clicks and just 131 unique visitors?

(That is an 8.8% sales conversion rate – which is 1000% more than the “typical”.)

Well its actually NOT a very big secret.

The problem is it takes effort, work and skill.

The problem is that 99% of marketers are looking for the quick fix and are not willing to put in the work.

The typical marketing strategy looks like this:

  • Find a hot offer or Join a Biz Opp
  • Buy clicks (or spend weeks & months trying to get “free traffic”)
  • Pray to your preferred deity that someone buys.

That my friends is NOT an effective marketing strategy.

95% of marketers struggle online because 95% of marketers are chasing after immediate results.

A few (.001%) get lucky and post ridiculous testimonials online. Unknowing struggling marketers read these testimonials, and start chasing after immediate results.

And the vicious circle of the blind leading the blind continues.

Invest in Building a Foundation for Your Online Business

If you want to create real results in your business you must INVEST your time and energy into actually building a solid foundation for a sustainable and profitable online business.

You can start by understanding the 5 Step Formula to Create a 6 Figure Income Online.

Next you can learn how to implement this Online Guru Formula in my 5 Week Group Coaching.

In the video tutorial above I show you EXACTLY the process I used to get such high EPC’s on this offer.

The secret is having a long term strategy. Something 95% of marketers are completely lacking.

If you need help creating a unique strategy of your own, you can book a BOOST Session with me while I still have them available.

Here’s what my strategy looks like:

1. Get clear on my target market and their “high-stakes” crisis

2. Create valuable content that addresses these problems and offers solutions and AHA breakthroughs

3. Send traffic

4. Convert your visitors / readers into subscribers to your email list

5. Have a strategic follow up email sequence that pre-sells the offer

6. Make your offer


Of course that’s a simplified version and there’s many more elements that go into getting crazy high EPC’s and conversions like I do.

Watch the Video Above for the Complete Strategy and Bonus Steps

Now that I’ve found a high converting offer and created a Profit Producing Machine, all I have to do is now scale my advertising. Multiply my traffic and I multiply my commissions.

Be sure to Join Me for My Online Guru Formula Intensive I will be coaching a small group of students to replicate these results.

I’m not ever going to sell a 5 week group coaching for that cheap… so jump on it.

I’d love to hear from you, so leave your takeaways, comments and questions below.


  • Fernando

    Reply Reply December 27, 2014


    Nice post :)

    I see that on average you are getting leads at $10 each. Isn’t that a bit expensive? What are your thoughts?


    • norbertorlewicz

      Reply Reply January 6, 2015

      Hey Fernando,
      Where did you get that number?

      No overall my average cost per lead during this time period is $3.59!

      Now, yes typically $10 per lead sounds expensive… but honestly you can’t randomly decide if its expensive unless you compare it to the VALUE of each lead.

      My average value per lead right now is $11.03. Which means I can spend up to $11.03 to acquire a lead and STILL break even!! So obviously I wouldn’t want to spend $10 per lead if I want to be profitable… BUT… if my value per lead was $20, I would still be DOUBLING my ad spend if my leads were $10!!

      This is why understanding your METRICS is HUGE!!

      My next tutorial will cover this in more detail.

  • Fernando

    Reply Reply January 6, 2015

    Hi Norbert,

    I have to say that I learned more from your video than from many paid courses :)

    In here your leads are around $7, with some other ads you have it a bit lower


    You can spend that much per lead because you know your followup will convert pretty good. Not so easy for people starting out.

    Overall awesome :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • norbertorlewicz

      Reply Reply January 8, 2015

      Yes Fernando that was a more expensive campaign for leads… however OVERALL the campaigns to that one article had an exceptionally high Sales Conversion and the lowest “Cost Per Sale”. So the leads were more expensive, but it actually cost me LESS to acquire the customer!

      This is another example where understanding your most important metrics is critical and not just relying on cost per click and cost per lead. On their own, those metrics mean nothing until you relate them to your other more important metrics. I’ll record another tutorial about these metrics next week!

  • Fernando

    Reply Reply January 8, 2015

    Thanks Norbert.

    How do you track the high Sales Conversion and the lowest “Cost Per Sale” if you have many traffic sources and a followup email as I suppose?

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