The Internet Income Formula – 5 Steps to Creating Your Income Machine

You don’t need more traffic.

You don’t need more leads.

You don’t need any push-button software and you definitely don’t need the latest $2000 product launch from some guru.

What you need is a game plan.

A clear, step by step blueprint to follow.

And ideally someone to help you implement it.

You need to know the only critical elements you need. (And nothing more!)

And you need to know how they fit together in the jigsaw puzzle that is marketing.

In this article I am going to lay out my formula.

If you are ready to implement it and you would like to learn how you can qualify to receive support from a team of 6 and 7 figure marketers (including myself) you can head over here and connect with me.

The Problem

Why are you not making at least $10,000 / month yet?

I could list off dozens of reasons… but if I had to narrow it all down it would be that you have too much information but you don’t have the right game plan.

If you have spent any amount of time online trying to grow your online business I know that you have probably purchased a lot of training and info-products.

You are probably getting information from dozens of different online experts and gurus. A lot of it might be good information.

The challenge is HOW do you specifically APPLY IT?

How do you put all the different pieces of the marketing puzzle together into a coherent money making machine that actually creates some serious profits for you?

That is where My Formula comes in.

Let simplify this entire game into just 5 elements. Sound good?

The Formula

The following 5 elements represent the entire formula. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We can create a 6 or 7 figure income with just these 5 elements.

And by simplifying our business into just 5 key elements we will be able to actually work less and create more revenue!

If you are ready to create the results then lets get you started!

These are the ONLY 5 elements you will focus on in your business:

  1. Content Strategy – how we serve our audience, deepen our relationship and build trust
  2. Monetization Strategy – how we guarantee we make real profit every month
  3. Lead Magnet(s) – how we generate leads and build our audience
  4. Sales Journey – more than just a simple sales funnel, this is the entire strategy for how we turn our leads (audience) into customers and partners
  5. Traffic – the fuel we add to the machine to make it all run


STEP 1: Creating Your Business Plan

Do you have a strategic game plan or are you just winging it?

Almost every struggling marketer I’ve asked does NOT have a plan.

So… if you want better results… I suggest you do what successful marketers do and create a plan.

I’ve developed a really simple process I call my 1 Page Business & Marketing Plan.

This isn’t some long and boring novel filled with paragraphs of useless info you’ll never read again.

This is a 1 page actionable blueprint you will follow and refer to every day!

Watch the tutorial video below and start your own 1 Page Business & Marketing Plan



STEP 2: Create Your Content Plan

Your next step is to get clear on your target market and how you will serve them. The video below will guide you through the steps to creating your content plan.



STEP 3: Create Your Monetization Strategy

This is the critical area that I see most struggling marketers simply do NOT understand.

In my 1 Secret Tutorial Series I talk about the critical idea of having a Tiered Product Mix in your business.

If you want to build a profitable, sustainable online business you MUST have a variety of strategically selected products and offers that you consistently promote to your audience that range in value and cost.

The reason you are not yet making at least $10,000 / month right now is because you are missing this 1 Secret.

Watch the video below and create your own monetization strategy.


If you would like to learn exactly what products & offers myself and my team promote you can apply to learn more about working with me personally here.


STEP 4: Lead Generation

Now that you have a clear content strategy to build your relationship with your audience AND you have a strong monetization strategy that will guarantee you profit each month, NOW we can begin to grow our audience with a killer lead magnet.

You can watch my tutorial here on how to create a high converting lead magnet.

(Tutorial coming soon…. )


STEP 5: The Sales Journey

Ok this is where things get a little more complicated. I admit this part of the process is a bit more advanced. Now we can get really complicated here, or we can keep it simple.

For now… let’s just try to keep this as simple as possible.

Planning The Sales Journey is all about creating a smart strategy for how you introduce your audience to the variety of offers, products and services that you promote.

Obviously we can’t just send our prospect to a single page and tell them to chose from all the products we offer. That won’t work.

We also can’t randomly promote one offer after another machine gun style. That’s a guaranteed way to burn our list and kill any hope of building a relationship.

If you actually watched the previous tutorials then you already understand the critical importance of our Content Strategy and how we use that to build the relationship with our audience.

Ideally we want to seamlessly integrate the promotion of our products and offers within our high value content.

Our offers should appear as the natural and obvious choice to provide the solution to our prospect’s problems.

We don’t need to “hard sell” anything, if we’ve done the work of providing exceptional value through our content strategy.

We also want to be strategic with the way we promote our offers.

Our lead offer (or trip wire offer) is typically a low cost offer with high value and a low barrier to entry. We can quickly and easily promote this offer in the very early stages of our relationship with our new prospects. A simple email, video, or blog post can serve as the “bridge content” and lead directly to our lead offer.

Other solutions (software, tools, specific training products) can also be easily promoted through simple content and relatively early on in the process and strategically through out our follow up and relationship building process.

However, for our more expensive offers, those that have a higher value and a higher barrier to entry, we will have to be more strategic.

We will need to take the time to develop some trust and authority with our audience.

We will need to provide a more detailed presentation of how this offer solves their problems and why purchasing this offer from us is the best decision they could make.

We may want to use a longer sales type video, or perhaps a webinar, a hangout, or a series of videos similar to a product launch style website.

Creating this Sales Journey is about getting strategic in the way you present your offers.

Again this is a more advanced training and something we spend time with our team members and coaching clients. You can learn more about working with myself and my team personally here.


STEP 6: Just Add Traffic

Now that we have built our “Machine” all we need to do is “just add traffic!

And yes… now Traffic Is Easy!

We have just built a profitable Magic Slot Machine.

A money making machine that will crank out profits.

We just have to add traffic.

And there’s a dozen different ways to do that.

Traffic is easy when you have a profitable machine to drive that traffic into.

This is the “Secret” of all of the highest paid internet marketers in the world.

And now you know.

And now you can go and get all the traffic you need here.


I hope you got a lot out of this guide.

It really is quite simple. You’re only challenge now is to actually APPLY IT!

It’s time to execute! If you want help, reach out to our team here.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below… tell us what you’re biggest challenges are… share with us what you learned from this guide and what you are going to do now to create the income you deserve in your business.

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