The #1 Most Valuable Marketing Strategy for 2015


Every year internet marketing changes and shifts. The FUNDAMENTALS of marketing (which I teach in my 5 Step Formula to 6 Figures) NEVER change. But, as marketers, we must always be on top of our game and learn how to adapt to the new opportunities that are created through constant new developments. So what’s new…

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[CASE STUDY] How to Get HUGE $14.73 Earnings Per Click for Your Affiliate Offers


If you’ve been a student of internet marketing or have been following some of my recent trainings then you should already know that one of the most important numbers in online marketing is your Earnings Per Click (or EPC). The other, even more important number is ACV (Average Customer Value), which I’ll cover in the next…

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Announcing the Online Profit Team Site Pre-Launch

We are excited to announce the all NEW Online Profit Team Site.  Right now we are in the prelaunch phase of our brand new site that is going to help you duplicate our exact business model that has enabled us to earn multiple 6 & 7 figure streams of income. Watch the video below for…

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Why Hard Work Does Not Pay Off


So I recently had an awesome BOOST coaching session with a student of mine. This man is a sharp individual and has the presence of a leader. He’s been studying marketing and taking action for more than 12 months. He’s invested in himself, purchased the courses, done the training. He has all the knowledge he…

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Why Would Top Recruiters Ditch MLM?


Are you tired of the home “parties”, chasing after strangers, the constant rejection, harassing friends & family, new reps dropping out faster then they came in and tiny commission checks after weeks and months of work trying to build your network marketing business? Well you’re not alone. Look I know exactly how you feel. I…

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Time Management and the “Half Dozen Things” Formula with Jim Rohn

This past weekend I drove through the mountains of BC and as I was scrolling through my iTunes library I passed by Jim Rohn’s Challenge to Succeed album. If you’ve never listened to it, it is an absolute classic in personal development. I use to listen to this set of CD’s over and over while…

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Twitter Ads Strategies for More Traffic, Leads and Sales

Twitter Ads are something I’m getting really excited about. I’ve been studying my good friend and traffic mentor Vince Reed’s Twitter PPC training course and starting to apply his strategies to get some great results in my business. If you’re not yet leveraging this untapped traffic source, watch Vince’s video below to understand the power…

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Why You Should Be Using Retargeting Right Away to Make More Money

My friend and traffic getting mentor Vince Reed recorded this great video on the basics of why you should be leveraging the power of retargeting to generate more targeted leads and sales for your business. If you are not using retargeting in your business right now you are leaving money on the table. PERIOD. Watch…

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How to Create a Facebook Retargeting Custom Audience from Your Website Visitors

If you have a website or blog and have any visitors at all then you absolutely should be building a custom audience for retargeting. As marketers we have always preached the importance of starting to build an email list right from the very beginning of starting your website or blog. Well now with the potential…

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3 Ridiculously Untapped and Cheap Traffic Sources to Get 20-50 Leads Daily for Your Business


*** BOOKMARK THIS PAGE *** Lots of References & Resources You’ll Want to Come Back to! SO you want Traffic. Did you know that getting traffic is EASY?! Really it is! BUT ONLY… if you truly understand the fundamentals of profitable online advertising. PRE-REQUISITE TRAINING Before you jump in to driving traffic and trying to generate leads…

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