Interview: Lisa Thompson – Growing Authority by Owning Your Value

Lisa Thompson was a student in a 5 month intensive we held for a small group just over a year ago. Like so many new online entrepreneurs she faced the common challenges of information overwhelm, confusion and lack of clear focus. Listen to Lisa’s story and find out how she shifted from overwhelm and confusion…

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The Instant Income Multiplier: How to Find Your Flow

Why do some people create wealth effortlessly, while others struggle to barely make a living? In this tutorial discover how to instantly create a quantum shift in your business and eliminate overwhelm, confusion and frustration for good. This Instant Income Multiplier tutorial is one of my all time favorite tutorials I’ve recorded. In it I share…

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Why Paying for Traffic Is a Waste of Your Money!


So you’ve heard how people are making millions using the internet. And you know that to make sales and commissions you need TRAFFIC. And the best way to get traffic to your website is with paid advertising strategies like Facebook Advertising, Solo Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View, Banner Ads, Ad Networks etc etc. Maybe you’ve purchased some courses on…

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The Internet Income Formula – 5 Steps to Creating Your Income Machine

You don’t need more traffic. You don’t need more leads. You don’t need any push-button software and you definitely don’t need the latest $2000 product launch from some guru. What you need is a game plan. A clear, step by step blueprint to follow. And ideally someone to help you implement it. You need to…

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Sales Funnel & Marketing Profit Calculator

So I’ve been receiving requests from some of my subscribers if I could share the Profit Calculator I’ve used in a couple of my training videos. What’s cool with Google Docs is it’s super easy to create and share a template. Watch the tutorial video I recorded and then download the calculator below. *You must be…

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