What I Learned From Kevin Harrington

I was recently at a 3 day workshop event in Tampa Florida where I had the pleasure of training a small group of committed entrepreneurs.

Every time I attend or train at events or workshops it solidifies for me the critical importance of stepping away from your computer, getting out of your house and surrounding yourself around other successful marketers.

We had the lucky pleasure of having Kevin Harrington (from the Shark Tank) drop in and share some wisdom and knowledge from his incredible successes.

When asked what was the ONE thing that helped him to make his first million dollars he quickly answered, “It was the people that I surrounded myself around and the team I built. Always surround yourself around people who are smarter and better than you are.”

I sat down with one of the attendees who has been a very successful entrepreneur running several businesses worth millions of dollars and it was interesting to hear his similar wisdom as well.  Listen to what Phil has to say about his experience at our recent workshop.

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  • Ann Kesselman

    Reply Reply February 11, 2015

    Terrific event! Thanks Norb for taking the time to share your expertise and helping me see where and how to tweak my business.

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