Why Paying for Traffic Is a Waste of Your Money!


So you’ve heard how people are making millions using the internet.

And you know that to make sales and commissions you need TRAFFIC.

And the best way to get traffic to your website is with paid advertising strategies like Facebook Advertising, Solo Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View, Banner Ads, Ad Networks etc etc.

Maybe you’ve purchased some courses on getting “cheap clicks“, you’ve purchased some ads, spent a few hundred dollars and then freaked out when you didn’t make any sales.

Or maybe you haven’t yet started because you’re too scared about loosing money.

Either way… I’m here to tell you that Paid Ads will be a HUGE waste of your money!

IF… you do NOT have a SOLID engagement and Conversion Strategy.

TRAFFIC alone will NOT make you money… IF you don’t have an excellent follow up and engagement strategy AND a proper monetization strategy.

If you haven’t been able to make your marketing profitable it’s because you are focused on short term immediate results instead of having an effective long term engagement strategy.

Most struggling marketers STOP marketing way too early.

They freak out when they see high costs per lead and lower than expected conversions.

They never allow for the marketing to actually work for them.

Now of course, there is a lot to be said for the technical aspects of creating successful advertising campaigns.

Things like your targeting, your image, your ad copy, your landing page, your offer etc etc.

BUT… you could have the best offer and the best ads. If you drop the ball on effective follow up and engagement you will rarely, if ever see profitable campaigns.

You MUST understand the critical conversion strategies used by the most successful online marketers.

Successful Marketers Never Chase After Cheap Clicks

If you want your advertising to be successful do what the successful marketers do.

Stop chasing after cheap traffic and focus instead on increasing your earnings per click!

This a MASSIVE shift in your mindset and approach and if you aren’t experienced in paid advertising you probably just missed the value of that last sentence.

So let’s repeat it…

Stop chasing after cheap traffic and focus instead on increasing your earnings per click!

Instead of asking “How can I get more cheap traffic?” what if you asked How can I increase my earnings per click?


When we focus on increasing our earnings per click we shift our focus towards the more important aspects of our business; our offers, our follow up strategy, our sales process, our engagement strategy and our monetization strategy.

If you have struggled to create profits and success with your online business I encourage to take the time and complete the free training videos I created where I reveal the 5 Step Formula to Create 6 Figures Online.

In that training I outline the 5 most important elements (and ONLY elements) you must have in your business and how to use them to virtually guarantee you always create profitable advertising campaigns.

BEFORE you invest any time or money into traffic be sure you know The 5 “Guru” Conversion Hacks of Top Marketers and how to implement them.

Once you understand these fundamentals then getting traffic is very EASY!

Forget the short term goals of “cheap clicks”, “cheap leads” and front end sales.

Focus on your long term strategy of increasing the value of your website visitors and customers.

That’s what successful marketers do. You should too.

If you haven’t completed my free 5 Step Formula to Create a 6 Figure Income video series yet, you should do that right now.

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment or question about your biggest challenges below. What did you learn and what are you going to do in your business to create more sales? Let us know…


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